Youth Empowerment is a process, to encourage youth by all means. It is an effort towards making a course for them to sustain and adapt as per the situations. It aims at improving the quality of life youth are living and bring Empowerment by giving them access to the resources which can help them to build confidence and work in the direction of attaining growth and transformation. There are various programs that are launched to empower youth in different verticals.

Through empowering processes such as learning decision-making skills, critical awareness, managing resources, and working with others, both youth and adults become better equipped as change agents.

On the other side, empowered outcomes allow individuals to gain a sense of control, critical awareness and participatory awareness. WI will invest in youth by promoting quality education, professional development, and job skills. Recognizing the diversity within youth populations, we will help young women and men acquire the knowledge and skills they need to be community leaders, and active, informed citizens.

Our approach

Wibena Impact Is centered on the comprehensive Youth Empowerment Model. The model is a three-pronged approach that effectively engages young people in meaningful work that challenges them to:

  • develop skills
  • gain critical awareness, and
  • participate in self-promotion and sustenance